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Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Pottery barn kid

William Grimmer has somehow noticed, that the statistics of cancellation of marriages would be considerably above if men in England had no two things: clubs and pottery barn kid s. As the club culture in our country is developed poorly and reminds compote from a disco and restaurant, it is necessary to correct for a demographic situation by from square meters of the London apartments of own man's territory - a pottery barn kid . Rules of registration of a pottery barn kid (anyway, what can be accepted for an axiom) only a little pottery barn kid. And here styles and variants - set. We shall try to concern in brief and those and others, well and to choose, that approaches you - naturally more, there will be exclusively an owner of the pottery barn kid future pottery barn kid.

If in an apartment it is impossible to allocate a separate room for a pottery barn kid , most reasonably to place “a working zone “in a dining room or a drawing room. It is extremely undesirable to make out a workplace in a matrimonial pottery barn kid though at first sight it seems logical . The screen of the working monitor, in parallel with the screen of the working TV will irritate both spouses and in what good will not result. Late work of one of spouses (behind a desktop) will stir to a dream or rest of another.

The Minimal set for a pottery barn kid (or a working zone) should consist of a desktop, a working armchair, shelf or a rack, a desk lamp or other dot object of light.
At zoning territory of "pottery barn kid " inside of a room of other functional purpose, it is recommended to use a pottery barn kid, a rack, a sliding partition visually to separate a workplace from all premises.

For today it is possible to carry the sets of furniture offered by German company “Nolte” and Russian concern " to successful "symbiosis" of the general room and a study. In one and other case, the modular principle of formation of furniture allows changing without effort geometry of a room, to create practically isolated spaces. For the owner of a mini-pottery barn kid its illusion full from the world and for other pottery barn kid of family - a complete image of an interior will be kept. The urgency, style, taste of such incorporated space to you is guaranteed. If all the same to you has carried, and you presume to allocate absolutely isolated room under a pottery barn kid , to concern to registration of a pottery barn kid it is necessary more carefully. In this case not superfluous will recollect, that in traditional (not on stylistics, and as a matter of fact) a pottery barn kid three basic zones are stipulated: a front door, working and personal.

If the area of a pottery barn kid does not exceed 16 square meters, smart and personal zones can be united. The "Smart" or representation zone is necessary that you could accept in own pottery barn kid of foreign visitors. As a rule, it is equipped small journal or with a table, pair-three soft armchairs. At a modern interior there can be a plasma panel and the musical center. Near to a representation zone it is possible to equip a mini-bar. With accent on a word. For these purposes decorative objects which in modern interiors you will find out set are used. It can be the globe-bar which has been built in an armchair a bar, a sliding bar under a coffee table or a mobile bar-prefix. A necessary minimum of accessories for a smart zone - stylish ashtrays and boxes (if in your house it is possible to smoke), with fresh press, some the book editions most corresponding tastes of the owner (for example, albums on an ancient art or automobile catalogues). In a representation zone it is not recommended to place a sofa to not give to conversation a shade excessive. The "Personal" zone of a pottery barn kid settles down in immediate proximity from the worker and is formed due to only two subjects - a sofa and a floor lamp.

Its basic applicability - rest of the overworked owner. It can be fleeting rest with viewing the latest news or reading of press, (in this case the sofa can be rigid enough and small). It can be and a sound night dream when the owner of a pottery barn kid does not have already either forces, or desire to reach own bedroom and to disturb house. In that case we would recommend a sofa with the convenient orthopedic basis on which it is possible to settle down with comfort, in full growth, not and not. Weigh, it is how much frequent at you there are " jobs involving all hands for a midnight " and if such nights even about ten a month, take care that in the bottom closed modules of your library always there was a pillow, a bed sheet and a "on duty" plaid. The "Working" zone of a pottery barn kid demands the most careful registration and equipment. The good desktop, a convenient working armchair, a capacious bookcase or a rack is required to you. In case of need it is possible to complete a working zone with an added little table, additional modules for a computer, racks for CD-disks. And here to have near to your table a chair for visitors in a house pottery barn kid of need is not present. In stylistics of registration of a house pottery barn kid, as a rule, ball is corrected with classics. Anyway, when we have visited ten Moscow shops and have asked to show furniture for house pottery barn kid s, to us showed classics. Approximately in eight cases from ten.

We do not object. In a classical pottery barn kid there is that unique charm which at once imposes a shade of easy English snobbery on the owner, forces, having come off the fresh newspaper and hardly yawning to ask at spouses for breakfast porridge. However, if joking apart, registration of a classical pottery barn kid demands from the owner of very serious attitude. Because if you wish to receive as a result present "classics" obligatory rules is necessary some. Walls in a classical pottery barn kid are better for decorating wooden panels. This tradition goes since those old times when in such simple way English landlords tried to keep heat in crude London pottery barn kid s. The fact is also that, greedy for a fashion Parisians, having copied English pottery barn kid s "have repeated" panels textile wall-papers, precisely having differentiated a decorative border a bottom and top. The bottom part of walls simulated panels vertical figure, top was more "thoughtless" and supposed even an ornament from tiny florets. The Furniture should be necessarily executed from a file of natural wood, as a last resort, by a natural tree. Color preferences too traditional. Walls: beige, green, grey, dark blue, claret (all shades are as much as possible muffled and blacked out, white color is supposed, but it is not recommended). Furniture - mahogany, a cherry, an oak, a nut too the most sated and dark shades. The similar pottery barn kid in general "is afraid" of bright paints.

Therefore very often ceiling light in it is replaced with several dot objects: a desk lamp, a floor lamp, a sconce. The fixtures simulating candlesticks are very vividly looked. Racks for books in a classical pottery barn kid can be placed from a floor up to a ceiling, filling with all of them free walls. It is possible to borrow a part of racks not with books, and to allocate under an exhibition of those exhibits which collecting is for the owner of a pottery barn kid of a hobby. The Desk massive is sometimes upholstered by cloth. Upholstered furniture of classical design (an ideal variant classical to not be trapped with selection of a upholstery, it is better to choose leather furniture. Cost of such pottery barn kid can strongly vary. The most economical variant, which to us managed to be found out in the London interiors (suppliers "Miss-furniture") cost from 3500. The Average price for the Italian, French and Spanish furniture made 4500-6500. The most refined samples of furniture from leading Italian manufacturers were estimated in the sums, from 10000 At all charm of a classical pottery barn kid the modern alternative to it today all the same exists. And, as shows an expert, in the course of time more increasing and more people start to depart from traditions, preferring modern style conservative. Very often (anyway, in country residences) such withdrawal from canons is caused by that the general design of the house is carried out in easy modern stylistics or ascetic enough. Seldom, it turns out "to enter" in such ensemble noble” an antiquarian stranger ". More and more are preferred with the light, open, free and is coquettish-youth interior, trying to transform own pottery barn kid in a certain concession to traditions and the compromise meanwhile “as it is necessary " and " as it would be desirable ".

For the pottery barn kid created in modern stylistics, any rigid recommendations and restrictions (except for the most reasonable) do not exist. And those, few of them who all the same stop flight of a creative idea, in actual fact appear not restrictions, and simply reasonable advice. So, for example, does not follow in a man's pottery barn kid walls in any thoughtless shades: pink, yellow, is bright-blue, scarlet or to abuse flower ornaments. And here white walls are welcomed. However, the white shade can quickly bother and tire during work. It is better "to muffle" its any light pigment. The Furniture can be selected any shades of a natural tree, thus it is not necessary to avoid and the laminated furniture, an abundance of glass and metal elements. There is one more recommendation: do not overload a similar pottery barn kid with a lot of accessories, do not litter it. A table picks up convenient and practical. In case of need (or deficiency of the area) it is possible to replace a desk with the computer module in general. It is very convenient, if your table or an added curbstone to it is supplied. In this case it is possible to move easily them, or to release for “a representation zone " more than vital space. Racks in a modern pottery barn kid it is more preferable than libraries, as principles of fastening to racks (anyway, in systems Loft) allow to pick up such distance between shelf’s which optimum corresponds to "format" of your favorite books, albums, collections of video films and so forth “The Smart zone “such pottery barn kid can be issued more easily, than in classical.

Modern models of modular upholstered furniture allow building around of a coffee table any geometrical figure - from a circle and an oval up to a complex polyhedron. Color of furniture is not limited. Perhaps, the only thing - a notorious flower ornament or too motley abstraction. Certainly, sure version - monophonic furniture. As it is paradoxical, but the textile upholstery will not concede in a modern pottery barn kid at all to a upholstery a natural leather. Sometimes, even on the contrary. For example, the invoice of natural rough flax can transfer much more precisely an atmosphere your easy “the room world ", than a leather clone. The journal table too aspires to show own "importance" and an urgency of style of “small forms ". It often has a glass table-top, the neon illumination, the built in bar.

The spectrum of opportunities in a word, existing today for arrangement of a pottery barn kid at home - is huge. It is necessary to be defined only with the personal preferences, technological necessity and financial opportunities. Having even the approximate plan of prospective purchases, it is possible to send to a campaign on Yugioh Card shops. Updating “during a meeting", certainly, will be, but try to adhere to concept already planned by you. We hope, our advice will help to avoid the problems mentioned by the Make-up artist and if it is required - to solve them, not leaving from a pottery barn kid.

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Pottery Barn Kids

Pottery Barn Kids